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Thomas Johnson: Fixing the 340B Safety Net is Critical for Underserved Americans Battling Cancer

Writing in Oncolytics Today, ASAP 340B Executive Director Thomas Johnson discusses why comprehensive changes to the 340B program are crucial for underserved communities battling cancer.

Cancer is not an equal-opportunity offender. Those who live in underserved communities have a greater likelihood of being afflicted with the disease and worse odds of surviving it. According to the National Cancer Institute, “the intersectionality of structural and institutional level factors along with persistent poverty results in increased cancer incidence, delayed cancer diagnosis and treatment, increased morbidity, treatment, related toxicity, and subsequently lower rates of survival.”

To counteract some of these factors, the U.S. has several healthcare policies in place that operate at the federal and state levels. However, one of those critical assistance programs – the 340B Drug Pricing Program – is facing serious challenges that hamper its ability to deliver on its intended purpose.

Read the full story in Oncolytics Today HERE.


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