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ASAP 340B Names Thomas Johnson as Executive Director, Welcomes New Partners to the Alliance

Coalition grows to include 16 organizations supporting common-sense solutions to modernize America’s 340B program

Washington, DC – Today, the Alliance to Save America’s 340B Program (ASAP 340B) announced that Thomas Johnson has been appointed to serve as the organization’s executive director and four new partners have joined the growing alliance since it launched earlier this month.

ASAP 340B was formed to bring greater accountability and transparency to the 340B program so that it can function as intended, enabling true safety-net providers to help low-income and other vulnerable patients access more affordable medicines and health care services. ASAP 340B’s ten policy principles reflect the consensus of its members and are guiding efforts to realign the program as a force for good in the nation’s safety net.

Johnson brings 30 years of professional experience in the health care, nonprofit and association management space, including nine years as president and chief executive officer of Medicaid Health Plans of America. Reflecting on the appointment, Johnson stated:

“As someone who has spent almost his entire career working on the behalf of our nation’s health care safety net, I have a deep understanding and appreciation for its role in the health of our nation’s underserved – whether they be people of color, rural Americans or members of other marginalized communities. The 340B program is an essential part of that safety net, but today it’s clearly broken, and the consequences are unacceptable. I’m proud to join ASAP 340B, the organization that has prioritized achievable solutions over rhetoric. I look forward to serving as a voice for those who deserve a system that works for them.”

In his role leading the Medicaid Health Plans of America, Johnson spearheaded advocacy efforts involving the Affordable Care Act, as well as other policy issues affecting the Medicaid managed care industry. Earlier in his career, he served as president and CEO of the DC Hospital Association and held leadership roles with DC Chartered Health Plan, a Medicaid health plan in Washington, DC, and the Gorman Health Group, a consulting firm focused on assisting government-sponsored health plans. He has also served on a number of boards and commissions. He is currently the Chair of the Board of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.

Since launching earlier this month, ASAP 340B has gained significant momentum among the diverse stakeholders within the 340B ecosystem who recognize the urgent need for changes to the program. In addition to the twelve founding partners, representing patient, provider, pharmacy, and consumer advocates, the following have joined the alliance: the ADAP Advocacy Organization, the Center for Black Equity, the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations, and the Community Access National Network.

“It’s true that our members have not always seen eye-to-eye on this issue. But they have come together now because they know we can’t wait any longer to save the program,” Johnson continued. “Bringing this diverse set of voices to the table to advance solutions is the only way to ensure the program’s stability moving forward. We are all ready to have the conversations that need to be had to strengthen the 340B program for safety-net providers and the patients that they serve.”

About ASAP 340B

The Alliance to Save America’s 340B Program (ASAP 340B) is a partnership of Community Health Centers, patient, provider and consumer advocates, and leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry working to improve the 340B program. ASAP 340B is focused on advancing meaningful and achievable changes in support of our nation’s safety-net providers and underserved communities. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter @asap340B.



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